June 16th Update

Halls of Power is coming along pretty well. I finished my first round of editing, and am now working on my second round, where I’m trying reading it aloud to find missing words and badly phrased sections. This is creating a lot of changes.  After that it’ll go to my wife and then to the editor. I’ll likely be sending out ARC copies sometime near the end of the month.

That being said, at the time of this writing I’m feeling somewhat unwell, likely with a cold or such. I doubt it’ll slow me down much, but it’ll have an effect. Even so, I don’t expect my schedule to slip much.

Not much else for me to say, but Halls of Power is going to be out in the relatively near future. Once I have the final version, or close enough, I’ll be updating the release date to August 15th.

5 thoughts on “June 16th Update

  1. Any chance I could get one of those ARC copies? I’m a big fan and will be buying the 3rd book regardless but I would love the chance to read it early.


  2. Around Sunday I’m going to be sending out a call for ARC readers to my mailing list. It’s a fairly simple process, asking you to link a review of yours on a book I wrote, your amazon account so I can look at how you tend to review (mostly to avoid serial 1-star readers, I’ll point out that 2 of my ARC team last time gave me 3 stars and I’m happy they reviewed it), and the person agreeing to review the book within a set time period (generally 2 weeks). So if you join or are on the mailing list, you’ll get the link to join the ARC team in the next week-ish.


  3. Wow, as someone who received an ARC copy, and reviewed the book as 3 stars, I suddenly feel the spot light.

    That said, I am genuinely happy I was given the privilege of an Advanced Reader Copy. I truly enjoyed the book, and I have already pre-ordered the third. You are an awesome writer, and your books are well edited. I look forward to all of your future workings.


  4. I hope it didn’t make you feel bad! My intention was just to point out that some authors seem to only want those who want 5-star reviews. I don’t feel that way. I want honest (but not jerkish) reviews. Yours was certainly that!

    Incidentally, sometimes my brain/mouth filter doesn’t work as intended, and I say something completely different than I intend. My wife usually whacks me upside the head when I do this.


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