Stories, Patreon, & Musing

I’m continuing to meet my daily goal on Halls of Power, but only just, as the middle portions are being difficult. I want to get out all the information, but not while ignoring the main characters of the story, which makes this very difficult to parse in my head. It’s still progressing, but getting from point A to Z is going to take some work.

So, another person suggested that I start a Patreon. I’ve been somewhat resistant to the idea thus far, but another part of me wonders if it might not be a good idea. It’s an odd thing that’s been bouncing around my head since yesterday, and I’m currently undecided.

If I do put up a Patreon, I want to give patrons something unique, because I refuse to just put up essentially a fundraiser for me. Right now, I’m just thinking of a few possible reward ideas.

  • At the most basic level, monthly pictures of my cat being a dork/cute feline furball. He probably wouldn’t be amused. I’d also write some more detailed updates weekly about random ideas that went through my head in an RSS feed of sorts.
  • A bit higher up the list, access to first drafts of stories/books, essentially the chance to be Alpha Readers. This almost makes me cringe in some ways, because this would be before I did the first full editing pass. I also may give access to some of my background material and the like.
  • This part is very much an uncertain thing. I’m thinking about maybe doing the occasional Skype call with patrons of a certain level (I’d limit the numbers) and/or allowing them to possibly name/create a character for an upcoming story. I wouldn’t give any guarantees on the character’s fate, and all things would be subject to approval, but it’s an idea.

All of that being said, I’m not sure I want to do it. Part of me likes the idea. The private part of me wants to hide under the blankets like my cat. Still, I’m currently leaning toward setting one up, and wanted to be honest.

11 thoughts on “Stories, Patreon, & Musing

  1. Honestly, I’ve got no real interest in supporting a Patreon for you, for pretty much the reasons you mentioned when saying why you didn’t want to set it up. I like your books, I’ll continue purchase and read your books, but I have limited interest in seeing the rough drafts of your books. Viewing and posting on blogs is pretty much the limit of my involvement. If you raised the price of your future books I’d probably still get them. But I like to pay for a product, personally.

    I think it’s quite likely I’m not a represenative sample, of course.


  2. I fully understand, and the only reason I’m even considering it is because a handful of fans have suggested it to me. In fact, I actually rather enjoy doing the blog, much to my own surprise!

    All that being said, I’m planning on subsequent series being priced at $3.99 per book rather than $2.99, unless they’re a fair bit shorter than Ancient Ruins was. I’m never going to be the person who charges $3.99 for a 45 page book. *shudders*


  3. Well i can honestly say i think your books so far has been really good and and pretty low priced, i’d certainly pay more for books of that quality and lenght. Keep on writing that quality and i’ll be a happy reader. And personaly not into Patreon all that much but seams to be more and more popular.


  4. I’m also not much of a Patreon person, but I know it works for a lot of people, including some authors. I don’t think there’s any wrong with it – “rewards” aside, “patronage” after all is an ancient tradition when it comes to arts. Nowadays it works a bit differently with lots of people paying small amounts instead of few people paying large amounts, but it’s not like it’s fundamentally different.

    I don’t think there’s any single recipe to commercial success for an author right now. Maybe Patreon works for you, maybe it doesn’t. I don’t think you can do much but try if you feel like it.


  5. I can’t guarantee the length, but I know that less than 80-90,000 words for a novel would give me an eye twitch. Some people can do shorter books, but for me, it wouldn’t work.

    I’ll do my best on the quality, though. Trying out a new editor, curious what people think in the end (using the old one for Halls of Power, though).


  6. *nods* You have a point. One of the people who suggested it didn’t even necessarily think I needed rewards. For me it’s just… I want to give something, you know what I mean?
    I’ll have to think about it more. I find myself very torn. >_<


  7. With what you have said, I’m not interest in supporting the patreon. I’ll give all the money for more stories but I’d rather see the finished product.


  8. Personally I think patron would only work if you were up for publishing at least one chapter per month. For just rough drafts of the stories I wouldn’t pay. I want a finished product if I’m paying even if your only giving me small pieces at a time.


  9. Entirely fair. There’s a lot for me to consider. To think that just last year I was idly writing Sisters of Radiance with the faint dream to make it potentially a serial story of some kind.


  10. Actually, I should have elaborated a bit further.

    Kindle Unlimited requires the material to be available in no other electronic format online. Releasing rough drafts skates around that issue, but they’d be well within their rights to reject books because of it. Right now, Kindle Unlimited makes up over half my income, which makes losing that… worrisome, to say the least. I totally understand on wanting to have a finished product, though.


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