April 9th Update

I’ve updated the release date of Spells of Old to Saturday, April 15th, and uploaded the final version of the book. It’s ready as it’s ever going to be.

Those of you on my mailing list when I sent out my email about the ARC possibilities. You have until I wake up Monday to sign up to have a chance at the list. I intend to send out the ARCs on Monday, so this is your only warning.

The physical book is going to be available by the time Spells of Old launches, and I’m working on getting things set up for the Audiobook.

Oh, and last but not least… I have 4k words on Halls of Power.

13 thoughts on “April 9th Update

  1. Monday? Monday! Preposterous! Making us wait all of what, 18 hours from now until you wake up tomorrow? Such sadism.

    All kidding aside, I’m looking forward to your email :).


  2. quick question how many pages/long is the book if its not a short book I’ll probably pre-order it.
    its just I hate finding books that sound in the synapses to be a great book only to discover the page count is less than 100 and think I’ll finish that in less than an hour.

    so maybe if you would be so kind as to share the number of pages please?


  3. That’s a difficult question to answer, since there isn’t a standard number of words per page. However, for what it’s worth, Ancient Ruins came to about ~380 pages in paperback. Spells of Old is a bit less than 10% longer in word count, so probably around 400 pages.

    Hope that answers the question!


  4. thank you it does I hate short books especially if I have to pay for them I generally don’t pay anything for a book that’s under 200pg unless its 0.99 cents or free because I know it will be such a short read I also don’t pay over $4 for a book if I can help it (I’m on a budget).


  5. I can understand that. So you have some frame of reference, each page on a kindle is ~250 words. Thus, Spells of Old, which has ~124,000 words, would be 496 pages. My personal philosophy is about $1/ 25,000 words. Later this year I will likely raise the prices of Ancient Ruins and Spells of Old to $3.99, but no higher. $2.99 is the minimum price I can set a book at to participate in Kindle Select (which pays much better than otherwise), save for the occasional sales.

    Personally, I’ve decided that I won’t push my prices over $3.99 unless I end up with a 200,000 word book (or more). At that point, it’s so much work that I would price it higher.


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