Spells of Old: Edited

I have Spells of Old back from my editor, and am going through it now. That’ll take me most of tonight to go through the line-edits. After that I’m going to do a full read of the book. As soon as I’m satisfied, I’m going to update the release date and upload the final version of Spells of Old as a pre-order.

Assuming I don’t lose internet for the entire time between now and Monday, Spells of Old will be released on April 15th.

I should also have the print version available at about the same time, so things are looking much better than they did with Ancient Ruins. It helps when you’ve done the job before!

Anyway, I’m looking forward to it! Stomach is in knots, everyone!

Update: Dear gods, did I overuse the word slightly in the manuscript. *cringes* This? This is why you get an editor.

14 thoughts on “Spells of Old: Edited

  1. That’s the hope! Doesn’t calm my inner pessimist, but I hope it satisfies people. No, not satisfies. There’s a book left! I hope people like it.

    …I’ll shut up now. >_>


  2. It sounds like it will be great, I hope it actually goes up a bit early so that I can actually buy it.


  3. I’m going to be uploading the book and setting the pre-order to launch it on the 15th. I have several other things I have set to go off at the same time, and also want to give my ARC team a chance to go through the book beforehand, so I’m afraid that part is pretty well set.

    I’ve generally heard that it launches at about midnight on the day, though. I don’t know how time zones affect this, though.


  4. That seems reasonable overall, ARC reading is always interesting in my opinion, lets you see stuff that even the editor may not catch. Done ARC stuff a few times now, even paid extra for the eARCs from Baen. Ended up finding random glitches in a few books I beta read.


  5. My ARC team will actually get the same copy as what’s going to be published. While official publishers do a proofreading pass, I just read through the book to make sure I can’t spot any obvious errors. Mostly my ARC team is there to get me reviews more quickly.


  6. Amazon actually uses local times, at least the last time I coincidentally saw a new release on midnight it was like that and for the different shops (don’t know with it uses for .com, but, say, books on .uk or .de or so come out at their respective local time). Which can be mildly amusing if the author expects their book not yet to be released, when it actually already is out in different parts of the globe ^^


  7. Great! That’s a load off my back, to be honest.

    And this is why I have to upload my final document 4 days in advance. 72 hours to be certain they review it in time, and then a full day to ensure it goes out in each time zone.


  8. Of course, a lot of people don’t use their ‘local’ version of Amazon, for various reasons, so end up getting releases at all sorts of (to them) weird times due to the timezone difference. Some do it because maybe it means they get something a bit earlier by a few hours, others because prices can be… odd… across the different currencies.


  9. I believe that. I think I /can/ micromanage prices across currencies, but I really don’t want to try. That’d just be a headache for me that I don’t want.

    For what it’s worth, I’m done with the changes and about… 1/5th of the way through reading the book. I’m guessing that the final version will be uploaded to Amazon and the pre-order date up to date in the morning. Just in time for my weekly update. ^_^


  10. They do midnight in one region across the US, though. I usually get books at midnight Pacific, which is 9pm Hawaiian time.


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