Halls of Power Cover

I got the artwork for Halls of Power earlier today, and promptly turned it into the cover in preparation! Sharing it below. Edit: Got a new version of the art with a corrected hand, and updated.

Halls of Power Cover


18 thoughts on “Halls of Power Cover

  1. Honestly, it’s quite similar to the original sketch, and I didn’t ask for the source on the armor. In the original… well, let’s just say that someone could have cut her in two without the armor being in the way at all.


  2. In the meantime, I’m just going to assume Elf hearts are in their lower abdomen based on the armor. :)


  3. I personally simply assume one thing: Magic. Magic extends the protection upward. Yup.

    She’s also a goddess, so… she’s somewhat more resistant to damage than most people. Plus- *is gagged by the Spoiler Police*


  4. You might want to get the right hand fixed. How it is splayed makes the thumb look like a pinky finger.


  5. Hmm… I may. I’ll admit, I rather like it as it is, though. I like the slightly impressionistic style of the piece. *shrugs* Maybe I’m weird, though.

    I did mention it to him, though.


  6. Eh, I didn’t express that right. If the back of the hand is facing up, then the thumb faces the torso. Looking at the hand (our left, character’s right) the finger facing the torso is long-ish and skinny while the finger facing outward is shorter and thicker. This looks like the fingers are reversed (thumb outside, pinky inside). I presume the back of the hand is facing upward because of the orientation of the gauntlet’s flange.

    I wasn’t referring to the style or anything although the purple hand on maroon cloak did make this a bit harder to see.


  7. Hmm…I actually view the picture as the palm facing the viewer on that hand. Jackie did get back to me, though, and said he’d probably fix it tonight. I’ll link him your comment, just to make it easier.


  8. I started Halls of Power today. I must say, starting a book is the hardest part of the process to me. Once it gets going, it just… flows. But figuring out where to start? That’s hard.

    I’ve got about ~350 words so far. >_<


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