Spells of Old Draft 2

I went ahead and grabbed a few people from my mailing list to read through the second draft of Spells of Old. Out of them, I’ve had three responses thus far, and they’ve been largely favorable, though there have been a handful of errors that I’ve corrected thus far.

I’m waiting for a little more feedback, but I’ll probably be starting on a second round of editing of Spells of Old tonight, focusing mostly on character names and perspective shifts. All of this assumes I can concentrate while my wife plays the new Mass Effect (the TV is about 2 feet from my head.)

Once I’m done with the final round of edits, I’m sending the book off to the Editor. I was told that if I sent it early, if they had time they’d get started on the book sooner. I’m hoping that it’s possible!

Anyway, things are going well. If people have questions, feel free to ask.

6 thoughts on “Spells of Old Draft 2

  1. So far I have truly enjoyed everything you have written. Even when I get a blog post in my email I get a moment of yay I get to read about how things are progressing :)


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