Pre-Order Spells of Old

I put up Spells of Old for pre-order. I want to note that the release date is not accurate. I set it as far out as I was allowed to, and as soon as I have the final version will set it to a much closer date. Promise. Also, the description is something I threw together quickly, so don’t read too much into it, hmm?

I also decided to put up the handful of art pieces I’ve commissioned on their own page Here. There isn’t much to them, but I thought people might be interested in seeing what I had.

6 thoughts on “Pre-Order Spells of Old

  1. I’ve definitely gotten that impression! I will consider it. As I said before, I’m going to likely offer a few random people on my mailing list the chance to be ARC readers. That’ll probably be 3-4 days before the book is released.


  2. Did I hear you right a few weeks ago when you said you planed on swiching artists for the Ancient Dreems books in the fuer or am a I reamembering it all wrong beacous I am realy likeing the cover art


  3. Nope. I’ve already arranged for Jackie Felix to produce the cover of book 3, Halls of Power. It’s just waiting for me to get my first payment from Amazon before I can actually do it.

    I may occasionally change artists for different books, but I really like Jackie’s art style. I am, however, going to be exploring commissions with other artists as well.


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