February 26th Update

This past week went especially well for writing. Spells of Old hit 75,000 words last night, and is progressing well. Hopefully I can keep up the momentum that hit me yesterday, which will help me finish it faster.

In other news, I’m deliberating changing fonts from Arial to Garamond, in part because it’s easier to tell a capital I from a lowercase L, so Ilmas’ name doesn’t look somewhat like Llama or the like. If I do, Garamond is a slightly smaller text, so I’d increase the font size by one to keep the words about the same size, baseline. Let me know if there’s a particular reason you’d object to this.

Edit: So I feel very, very silly. I forgot that you actually get to choose your fonts via kindle, so my choice of font has no affect on any of you! Please disregard my silliness. >_<

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