Sale Incoming

So, as of tomorrow Ancient Ruins is on a newsletter going out through Robin Reads, and at the same time I’m putting it on sale for $0.99 for a week. I don’t know if anyone who’s reading here will care, but I thought I should let people know.

4 thoughts on “Sale Incoming

  1. So I just got an Amazon notification that an author I followed named Benjamin Medrano released a book titled Spells of Old. Which I bought over a month ago, so… wut?

    Is that something you have to manually trigger with Amazon or are they just terrible?


  2. Amazon is absolutely terrible about actually telling people when books come out. From what I’ve heard from other authors, they usually have nearly a month delay before telling people about a ‘new release’ in a series they’ve bought, if they tell them at all. Alas, there’s nothing I can do. Quite honestly, it’s a large part of why authors push their mailing lists as hard as they do.


  3. What’s crazy to me is that it isn’t just that I’ve bought a book from you, I hit “subscribe” on your author page. I do it as a way of keeping a list of authors I like, since not all of them have jobs but it’s an opt-in service, Amazon! It wouldn’t be that hard to have a daily task to check if a user’s followed authors have had new books out since the last time it checked. Like, that’d take five minutes for ME to create in SQL, nevermind an Amazon DBA.


  4. Yeah… it’s nuts. Alas, there’s little I can do about the ‘zon. I simply try to write the best books I can.

    Also, I may, just may, be putting up a short story in my Superhero ‘verse a bit later today… >_>


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