February 12th Update

This week was rough, with characters making decisions that, while logical, forced me to re-write parts of my outline to Spells of Old, and also caused me to have to change other story arcs. Thus I’ve come to a grand total of ~45,000 words. Much less than I’d hoped to have done by this point. However, the plot is progressing, and I think at least half of what’s been written thus far focuses on Phynis and Sistina.

As an aside, have I mentioned how shocking it is how much attention this book has gotten? From everything I’ve read, if I did pretty well I would sell approximately 20 copies in the first month. In six days, it’ll have been a month, and I’ve sold more than twenty times that amount. It’s a lot of pressure on me, because the thing I worry most about is disappointing people with the next book. I’m a pessimist, I admit it.

Anyway, signing off to write!

5 thoughts on “February 12th Update

  1. Benjamin take your time, there is no pressure. A good book is written when you heart and head is at peace, I truly like what you write. You shouldn’t stress yourself. And Thanks for the news!


  2. In all honesty, during the week is when I really have the ability to write. When my wife is home on the weekends it’s a massive distraction (I don’t blame her, she’s the one making money for the household!), so I can’t really write then. Fortunately things are looking up, and I’m about to get writing for the day. Here’s to hoping for 4k words today!

    Incidentally, I also got the preliminary sketch for the cover of Spells of Old today. I’m looking forward to sharing the final version with everyone! Phynis looks stunning even as a sketch.

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  3. Wow I can’t wait to see Phynis. She’s the character I found the I can relate the most, she’s truly courageous. I loved the letter she sent at the end, truly ballsy.


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