January 16th 2022 Update

This past week kicked my butt. I spent pretty much all of it recovering from being sick, so I’m afraid I only got about 1,000 words in on Soul Bound 2, which I’m now announcing as being named Phoenix Ascendant. Not how I hoped for the week to go, but there’s no real way to predict when I’m going to be sick. Ah, well.

In other news, Talyn: Rebirth comes out tomorrow, and I really hope that you all enjoy it! The story snuck up on me a bit, but I had fun with it. In other news, Podium decided they wanted to acquire the rights for it, so they’ll be doing the audio version. They also let me know that they’re currently looking at a March release for the audiobook of Adept of Chaos, so there’s that to look forward to.

I also have some artwork coming in this week to share, but mostly I’m focusing on recovering. While the sickness wasn’t too bad after the initial two days, the recovery has taken a lot longer than I’d hoped.

7 thoughts on “January 16th 2022 Update

  1. So…just how does that whole ‘audiobook acquisition’ thing work?!? From the way you worded it, it sounds almost as if Podium said, “That a nice, shiny new book you’ve got there, Medrano, why don’t you give it to us, if you know what’s good for you…”

    Just how do you get all your book to audio? And why didn’t Podium jump on it sooner, so that the audiobook could have released closer to (if not with) the book?!


  2. Audiobook acquisition is pretty complicated in a lot of respects, but I’ll keep it simple. With Podium, they choose whether or not to seek the rights for audiobooks. You don’t really get to offer it to them in most cases. So with Chosen of Chaos, they reached out to me with an offer and I took it. Part of the agreement I made is that I need to give them the option of acquiring the rights to new ebooks I’m having made into audio (can’t go into the details here). Also, as to why they didn’t jump sooner? Because the book wasn’t complete. I emailed them, saying that I had a new novel, and they said they wanted it. Unless I suddenly decided to push my workflow back and sit on all novels for ~4-5 months before releasing them, there’s no way that Podium could possibly get out the audiobook at the same time as the ebook.

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  3. So, I wasn’t too far off the mark then, Podium’s got you trapped in their web! ;P As for taking 4-5 months to make a new audiobook, most of that must be overhead on Podium’s part (Audible too, if their included in that time estimate). I know of other authors who get their audiobooks out 1 month after the ebook is done (for a 100K novel, if that helps). So if that’s closer to the actual physical time constraints, I wonder why Podium takes longer? You’d think a big business like that would have things super streamlined (Amazon tracks its warehouse people down to the second!)…


  4. A web I agreed to, anyway. :-p

    As for that, a huge amount depends on the schedule of the narrator. A narrator can (generally) get out a novel in a month or a month and a half, depending on the length, but you also have to account for how long the book is scheduled ahead of time and other factors. A skilled narrator is likely to be scheduled out farther, for instance. Now, other authors are better about sticking to specific book lengths and schedules, where I’m… not. Which also impacts things.

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  5. Yeah, those authors were very organized and had the narrator’s time reserved in advance! Oh well, if I have to wait, then I have to wait, your stories are worth it!


  6. Yup. Some authors can figure out exactly how many words their stories are going to be, exactly when it will be done, and everything else. I can’t do that, because in a lot of ways my characters have minds of their own. Sometimes the plotline I had in mind gets derailed within a couple of pages.


  7. Me too! I could never plan out a story like that. The best I could do is to pick an approximate word goal and try to end the story about there…


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