October 10th 2021 Update

Soul Bound 2 is up to about 19,000 words. Unfortunately, the book is not coming to me very easily, and I’m struggling with it a bit. Nothing I can really say beyond that… I’m a bit frustrated, but that’s how it goes. I’m going to keep trying on it, though.

That said, this week is the release of Adept of Chaos! It comes out on October 15th, and I’ve prepared it for publication, so it’ll be out on time for sure. I’m really looking forward to it’s release! I’ve already set up the pre-order on the next volume (titled Mistress of Chaos), with the enormous lead time of 1 year, so I’ll be able to get to that in relatively short order.

Beyond that, I have one other thing to share! I commissioned a Halloween art piece from Crystal Rain, of a certain scene in Queen’s Journey. Below you’ll see Archon and Lilith. I hope you like it!

8 thoughts on “October 10th 2021 Update

  1. First off, that’s unfortunate that Soul Bound 2 and you aren’t getting along. You’ll get there eventually though. This peaks my interest in whether your mind is trying to think about future projects such as Adept of Chaos book 3 or Through the Flames book 4 (Blood Obelisk? Can’t remember 🤷‍♀️)

    Yay! Mistress of Chaos this Friday!!! Can’t wait!

    Oooo! I love it and very appropriate for October! I loved that entire section, and I can’t wait until I get back to it (Can’t fully recall Archon’s costume, but can weirdly remember Shade’s and Spark’s though)! I started listening to Queen’s Gambit when I went, “Nope! This isn’t right. I need to start back at Born a Queen,” 😅. *Currently on Chapter 10 of Queen of Diamonds* Very good driving and exercise audio 😊😁 (potentially going to have to be very careful with Queen’s Gambit though 😢) Sidenote: that’s the hair color I originally envisioned Lilith with. *Also so sorry that I’m all over the place 😅. I really like that image*


  2. Yeah, I can’t honestly say why I’m not getting along with Soul Bound 2. I’m trying, it’s just… very difficult. And frustrating. As for other things, my muse has been a bit scattershot lately. I honestly think that if I bundled all the side projects I’ve had come up together, I’d have like… 200,000 words, enough for two novels. It’s a bit disgusting.

    Anyway, Adept of Chaos will be out soon! Then we just have to wait on me getting other books out of the way so I can work on Mistress of Chaos.

    And perfectly fair on all of it! I hope you enjoy listening again! As for Lilith… yeah, honestly, the current hair style she has isn’t what I intended to begin with, but it’s become ingrained enough that I’m not trying to fix it. What I imagined was more black with streaks of red through it, not the gradient that three different artists came up with independently. *shrugs* And Archon is supposed to be a Phoenix. ^^


  3. Thank you for commissioning all this awesome artwork! Keep on writing, and I hope Soul Bound 2 is coming along better now!!!


  4. It is so far! I’m happy to say I have 5,000 words so far this week. I’m going to have to pivot to editing Talyn: Rebirth on Thursday, but hopefully I’ll have gotten in a good ~7,500 words by then!

    I’m happy that I’ve got good artwork as well! I’ve got another few pieces in the works.


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