Dusk Gate Released

Dusk Gate is now out! I really hope those of you who read it enjoy it, and I’m hoping to have the audiobook out soon! You can find the links to the Amazon page for it and the paperback below.

Also, if you read it, I’d deeply appreciate a review as well. Reviews are incredibly important for self-published authors like myself.

11 thoughts on “Dusk Gate Released

  1. Finished at about 4 AM PDT – You’re right, that’s a very different sort of character than I’m used to reading about in your stories. That’s not a bad thing, and I did enjoy the story as a whole. I’ve submitted a review to Amazon, since the story is well worth the time to promote.

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  2. A friend of mine said that he’s stunned that Joy and Xandra both were written by me, just because they’re so completely different in a lot of ways. And then I introduced Nef, who feels like she took some cues from Joy, and things got weird.

    I’m glad you enjoyed it, though!


  3. I’m not sure the universe could handle it if Joy and Xandra ever met. They’re very different, but they do share some commonalities as well. That said, I’m pretty sure Xandra would be charging up her magic to fry Joy after about 10 seconds max.

    Still, being the greedy sort that I am, where’s book 2?


  4. Amusingly, on that I disagree! Xandra would find Joy incredibly annoying, but she’d also respect the sheer practicality of the apis and their tendency to murder whatever threatens their hives. I think that Xandra would attempt to vacate the area of any hive as quickly as possible, though.

    As for book 2, it has to wait until after Queen’s Gambit. Unless Dusk Gate explodes in popularity like Ancient Ruins did, at which point I may juggle my schedule to alternate between Lilith’s Shadow and Soul Bound until I’ve finished Queen’s Journey and Queen’s Gambit.

    Interestingly, it *is* quite possible for Ruethwyn and Xandra to meet, though. The post-timeskip in the book about matches up with when I plan to resume Through the Fire.


  5. If it happens, it’ll be in the return to Through the Fire, not in the Soul Bound books. Mostly because I need to know what Ruethwyn and her friends are doing when I write any meeting! Xandra isn’t going to visit them at the academy.


  6. Speaking of Lilith’s Shadow, I’m currently listening (already read) to book 4 on audible, and I have to compliment you on the foreshadowing that you’ve done. I get moments of “Oh! You sly, sly author, you.” No spoilers, but I was shocked when you made a passing comment about certain people and/or events in Born a Queen that didn’t become important until book 3 or 4.

    Of course, I am more of an auditory learner anyways, so there’s that. Now a question. Which audible book series would you recommend for someone that’s read Ancient Dreams, Lilith’s Shadow (obviously lol), and Through the Flames. I’ve enjoyed them all immensely, but your collection (and my backlog) has grown to the point of which is the next series? I don’t know lol


  7. I wish I could take credit for the foreshadowing, but a lot of times I don’t even do it consciously! What I /do/ have is a very good memory for plot elements, and I try hard to use old characters/elements in a new book where I can, rather than creating entirely new material.

    As for the audiobook question… that’s a tough one. I’m going to be honest, I’m not an audiobook listener. I read so fast that I get frustrated listening to audiobooks, and I can’t do anything else at the same time, or I tune it out. However, between Beesong Chronicles and Mantles of Power… I’d probably say Beesong Chronicles. Joy, the main character, is an enormous amount of fun, though some people don’t like the LitRPG aspects to the world. On the other hand, Sarah Goer, the narrator of Lilith’s Shadow, narrated Mantles of Power for me, and it’s an odd depiction of a world where angels and demons aren’t really angels or demons at all, but quasi-mortal species of their own.

    I think Mantles of Power is a good series (otherwise I wouldn’t have written it), but Beesong definitely feels like the stronger of the two.


  8. Then Beesong Chronicles it is! Thank you! I’ll get around to Mantles of Power when I can (either read or listen). I can read somewhat quickly, but it burns me out. I used to HATE reading until college, so I don’t push myself too hard, just in case. Honestly, I listen to audio books as I drive, or I would get extra annoyed at speed limits. (It can sometimes suck to own a sports car)


  9. Oh, there’s a reason I pay for the production of audiobooks, even if they aren’t something I personally enjoy! For those of you who like them, they’re wonderful, and I think it’s important to supply them when I can. They aren’t cheap to produce, but they pay for themselves eventually.

    And my wife would agree with you! She doesn’t own a sports car for good reasons, aside from cost. She has a bit of a lead foot, or used to.


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