August 26th 2018 Update

Queen of Ice is coming along well, and I’m up to a bit more than 54,000 words. I’d guess that I’m about halfway done, more or less, though this is the first draft. I’m curious how things will go from this point, because a few of my plans have shifted slightly as I’ve written, particularly since Anara and Essryl refuse to stay in their neat little boxes.

I want to thank all of you who bought or borrowed The Avatar’s Flames this past week, and especially those of you who reviewed the book. Without you, I couldn’t afford to so much as edit my books, let alone get the cover art and the other things I do. The reviews help other people decide whether or not to read my books, and that’s a huge part of what makes them successful or not, so seriously, thank you.

I’ve started considering what I want to write after I finish Through the Fire‘s first arc as well, and it’s currently up in the air. I listed six possibilities in my newsletter to my subscribers this past week which I’m debating on, and I’m heavily tempted to continue Lilith’s Shadow next. Another major option is Broken Chains, but I’m also considering returning to Ancient Dreams to deal with Tyria’s church, or even to work on a science fiction space opera story. I haven’t made a decision yet, but one will likely be made within a few weeks.

Anyway, that’s it for this week! I hope everyone is doing great.

6 thoughts on “August 26th 2018 Update

  1. It’s nice to be able help out in little ways, it’s us as readers who reap the most benefit in getting to read your stories. 🐨


  2. Please Return to Ancient Dreams!!!

    I haven’t bought Avatar’s Flame yet, but I am surely going to do it in the following days.


  3. I hope you enjoy The Avatar’s Flames when you do!

    In all honesty, the only reason I haven’t done the story with Tyria’s church before this is that I haven’t had the full inspiration for the story. If I get enough, though, it’s almost certainly going to be the next one I do.


  4. Man it would be so cool to see a scifi space opera story from you! Also, when are you putting out the call for ARC readers for your next book? I missed the late one :(


  5. Generally I put out a form where people can apply to be ARC readers about 3-4 weeks before a novel comes out in my newsletter. If my estimate of when my newsletters in October are correct, I’ll likely put up the form on October 22nd, and send out the ARCs on October 29th. I only send out up to 20, but I’ve yet to have 20 people sign up via the form.


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