August 19th, 2018 Update

Tomorrow The Avatar’s Flames comes out! I’m excited and panicked, which means that it’s just the usual for me. I hope people enjoy it, though I’ll warn that, as one of the ARC readers pointed out, it doesn’t have as much action to the story as some of my other ones. That doesn’t mean it won’t have that sort of chaos, but the stories are definitely more interconnected than some of my other books.

So it’s good I’ve put up a pre-order for Queen of Ice, right? That will be coming out November 12th, and I’ve already scheduled time with the editor for The Obsidian Palace in early January.

Speaking of Queen of Ice, I have a bit over 41,000 words written on it, and things are starting to get a bit more chaotic. I hope to have the first draft wrapped up by late September, but like all things writing, I have no guarantees on that. However, I thought I should also include the current versions of the covers for the entire trilogy. I think I’ve gotten them to be about right, but I’ve had mistakes sneak past me before.

In fact… interesting how the title drifted upward and my name downward with each of them. I’m fairly certain that’s mostly because I don’t want to cover major details if possible. In any case, that’s the current versions of each! I’m not telling who characters are, save for Essryl in the last picture, who I’ve named before.

I hope everyone’s doing well! I’m just doing my usual things, really, and also am running some tabletop games to relax.

6 thoughts on “August 19th, 2018 Update

  1. I must say, the first cover makes so much more sense after reading the book. It’s misleading from the description as Rue is using her Atavisim in the cover.


  2. One of the things I’ve been trying to do with books after Ancient Dreams is use scenes from the book in question for the covers. It’s a little odd, I’ll freely admit, but something I’ve tried for.

    The Obsidian Palace is a bit of an exception, but that one is super-easy to arrange.


  3. Just finished The Avatar’s Flames, and it holds together quite nicely. Missed a fair bit of sleep reading it actually, which is always a good sign. Good luck writing the sequels – I imagine that is challenging, even when you have a start and end point mapped out.


  4. I’m glad you enjoyed it! Queen of Ice is coming along well, though I’m just hitting one of the more difficult points in it. I think The Obsidian Palace will be the hardest of the three, to be honest, but I’m looking forward to it. I’ve had this story bouncing around my head for years, after all!


  5. I’m not saying that it’s a bad thing, but it causes problems with visualization, so people are thinking of Zaria as Rue pre injuries, Yalline for Anara, and the fire demon for how Essryl looks. Thinking that it displays a very similar scene that is in the books description, rather then one at the end it’s the book, and wondering why the descriptions in the book are so different to how they appear on the cover.


  6. Hmm… I think I can see what you mean, but I’m not sure that I agree. I’m obviously heavily biased because I couldn’t possibly see that scene elsewhere in the book, and I’ll freely admit that part of the reason I chose the scene I did was to make the reader ask questions, only to have them fall into place later on.


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