October 1st Update

It’s the first of October, so I have some news! First, the audiobook of Halls of Power is waiting for Audible to approve it. If things go well, it could be up by mid-October, but if they don’t, it could be a longer wait. I’m paying much closer attention to the time-frame this time, and will contact them as soon as it hits the outer limit of when they say to expect approval.

I also started work on Marin’s Codex, but I’ve been taking my time with it, trying to get the start right. It’s an important story to me, so that’s a big thing. Even so, I’m not expecting to get much done this week, as my birthday is the 3rd, and I intend to have a nice meal for it. I may even share my family’s recipe for an odd version of apple crisp while I’m at it.

Anyway, everything is going apace, so I hope you’re all doing well! Things are on-track for Born a Queen‘s release on October 21st.

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