July 9th Update

First off, the pre-order of Halls of Power is live on Amazon! I may move the date from September 1st forward as far as August 15th, but much depends on how things go from here. Which brings me to the current progress on Halls of Power‘s editing.

All four of my Alpha Readers are completely through the book, and each pointed out a number of small flaws, yet none have spotted massive plot holes, thank goodness. I have added a few small segments of clarification and adjusted the wording of parts as well, to make the ending slightly more clear, and answer a few questions my wife had. As none of the readers so far has said the conclusion falls flat, the knot of anxiety about that has eased somewhat. Since this is my first series and I’ve often been frustrated about bad endings as a reader, this was a major worry for me.

On the Audiobook front. Spells of Old apparently must have fallen through the cracks of Audible in the lead-up to the holidays, because it finally got through their review process and went to publishing status. It should be up this week, but I’ll believe it when I see it. I had hoped that it would be up two weeks ago, so I’m… irritated. Let’s go with irritated. However, the same producer is going to begin work on Halls of Power as soon as I can get the final manuscript to him, so I’m happy to say that all three books will be in audio format as well.

Overall things are going well. I’m trying to relax a little, but it’s hard. The cover art for Born a Queen will be revealed via my newsletter tomorrow, and I anticipate having it ready for pre-order when Halls of Power goes live.

That’s it from me, and hope everyone is having a great weekend!

10 thoughts on “July 9th Update

  1. OMG Finally i was ready to kick some ass at audible for that book, really looking forward to it.


  2. Believe me, you aren’t the only one. It’s supposed to be 10-14 business days for an audiobook to be reviewed and go live (unless there’s a problem with the audio), and it hit 20 on Friday. >_<


  3. Sorry i couldnt find anywhere else to comment. In the beginning of the first book when sistina is rescuing lily from vendis’s camp phynis is asking if sistina means harm, then vendis says theu got questions for her. Was that a name mistake or intentional? It struck me as odd that vendis would pick that particular momment to speak and about a topic that seems a phynis topic.


  4. Not a problem at all, it’s kind of how things go. So, I’m going to take a minute to look up the exact spot, to make sure I answer correctly.

    So, first off, it was supposed to be Vendis making the demands and questions. There are a couple of reasons for that, the main two being the most applicable. First of all, Phynis’ identity is being kept secret from Lily and Sistina at that point, since they don’t know who the two might be working for, if anyone, so showing that she’s really important is a bad idea. Second, despite Phynis’ position as Crown Princess of Sifaren, she’s not in charge of the rescue. It’s a military operation, and Vendis is in command. If Vendis wanted, she could have executed Lily outright and kept going. It would be a bad idea, since when they were back in Sifaren the princess could make her life hell, but she’s a rescuee whose mental stability is unknown at that point. Any decisions Phynis makes are just Vendis choosing to humor her. So, since Lily was making really ridiculous claims from the point of view of Vendis, the Captain was planning to interrogate Sistina, though she phrased it more politely as ‘questions for you’.

    I hope that answers the question?


  5. It does. Thanks. It had been bugginh me for a while since i couldnt tell if it was an error or not. Just one of those things that nag at the mind. Now i can set it to rest lol


  6. Oh, I totally understand! I get frustrated when I accidentally call a character by the wrong name. I had to correct myself a couple of times in the most recent book, and really hope I caught all of the instances already.

    In any case, I’m willing to answer pretty much any question about the series. Whether or not I’ll remember the exact reasoning around a particular event is a bit more questionable. >_>


  7. Lol it wasnt your fault at all. The problem is that i have the audiobook and the narrator says the entire secrion in phynis’s voice but then says “vendis said.” hense the misunderstanding


  8. Ahh, yeah, I remember that, somewhat. I reviewed the entire audiobook, and getting the lines right is hard, at least in my opinion. I think that Spells of Old turned out better as a whole.


  9. I was excited to see the pre-order active and am waiting anxiously to read it. After so many other series get dropped by authors who completely disappear from the internet it’s great to see your frequent updates. That said, the Amazon summary feels off. I can’t pinpoint exactly how, but it doesn’t seem to fit with the actual style in the books. Going back and reading the first two summaries I don’t get that feeling.


  10. I’m glad to hear you are looking forward to Halls of Power and hope you enjoy it when it comes out.

    As for the description, I think that you’re right. In all honesty, I generally threw the descriptions together at the last moment, where I actually did this one in advance. That could be what did it, but I don’t know.

    As for vanishing… yeah, I know what you mean. It’s a large part of why I was determined to get the entire trilogy out this year.


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