Commissioned Art

So, I got another piece of art commissioned. The picture was of Sistina, as I considered her the most complex of the major characters in Ancient Ruins. The artist is IndyMBras, and she created the art for significantly less than she should have, as she’s trying to build up a reputation at the moment. With no further ado, here it is.

sistina portrait by indymbras

Now, the picture isn’t perfect. Nothing matches my imagination perfectly. Her lips are a touch too thick for my taste, for one, and the face isn’t perfect… but it’s a good rendition, in all honesty. I like her work as a whole.

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11 thoughts on “Commissioned Art

  1. I like it, although I wouldn’t have instantly recognized her (I mean, with the wood grain and such it’s kinda obvious, but it wouldn’t be an immediate “aha!” thing). But I suspect that’s mostly down to the different art style; more … anime-esque, or something, maybe. Makes her look kinda young and innocent, I guess.


  2. Quite. IndyMBras asked for a reference for a facial shape for her, and I think I may have chosen the wrong one. It’s still a good picture, but not quite as mature as I intended. The things you learn when commissioning artwork.


  3. It is a good rendition but would have been better if she looked older maybe mid-thirties or so. Looks too much like a teenager right now.


  4. *looks up Titania* Hmm… a bit too strong-jawed for me. I prefer the somewhat heart-shaped face, but it’s the cheekbones for me. Gah, so hard to find something that’s right. >_<


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