Updates and Randomness

So, two of the three main readers of Spells of Old have finished it. The third is, in his words, ‘down with the plague’, so I’m not going to be waiting for him to finish before starting editing. Most of the complaints were about abrupt endings to chapters. I’ve fixed several of them, and added about 3k words with some additional text actually detailing the personalities of the Jewels via interaction.

Second, I finally found how I screwed up so badly on the original Epilogue of Ancient Ruins and used the wrong last name for Calath Constella. I originally used Contessa, and I hadn’t been able to figure out why…until today. Today I realized that when I wrote up my character reference document, Phynis and her family ended up in different sections. Phynis’ name was correct, but her family was given the wrong name. So when I wrote the epilogue, I went to grab Calath’s full name…and used the wrong one. Then copied that one each time I went through the paragraph. Frustrating as hell, but now I know, and it’s FIXED.

Anyway, I’ve been mostly putting about playing Diablo III and Total War: Warhammer, in between trying to figure out the best ways to deal with my book and marketing. I’ve been getting good advice from more experienced individuals…you can thank them for the mailing list and pre-order. I also re-did the covers to make the text of the title larger on their advice. I bow to superior experience, as my own experience was in a bakery department that didn’t make much of our baked goods from scratch.

In other news, I got a new book idea that I’m savagely choking the life out of. I don’t need another right now. I may, however, write up a short story to kill it for a while. Problem being, this particular idea made a sudden resurgence after about 3 years, so I don’t trust it to stay dead. I’m also arranging superhero stories with a few friends…wait, I need to upload the prologue to Born A Queen, don’t I? I’ll try to get that done a little later tonight.

Finally, I don’t go to many conventions. In fact, I’ve been to exactly one convention before, two years in a row. It was Conduit, in Salt Lake City, and it was…well, I enjoyed meeting David Weber the first time. The second, it was crap. However, as I play Pathfinder, I’m attending Paizocon this year. I will state that I have no clue what to expect there, so I’m going in blind, but if people happen to be there…well, I’m going by name, I’ll have a tag that says ‘Benjamin Medrano – Novelist’, and I’ll be meandering around looking clueless.

5 thoughts on “Updates and Randomness

  1. Actually, I think I should give you a better explanation. There are a few reasons I’m hesitant to let other people in as Beta readers.

    First is a lack of confidence in my writing in its first draft. Sure, I’m certain it’s decent, but Ancient Ruins changed significantly between the first draft and the final version, enough that I’m hesitant to let most people see it.

    Second, the people I’ve chosen to be my beta readers at the moment are my wife, my friend Joe, and another friend, all of whom I can chat with directly or via skype. I’m comfortable with them, and I know they’ll shut me down if I do something stupid. It isn’t anything personal.

    Finally, I honestly don’t know the full legal repercussions of letting someone in as a beta reader. I haven’t researched it (lack of time), so I’m waiting until I have time to consider it.

    Hope that helps.


  2. RE the marketing, look up ‘Goodreads’ and anywhere else you would have Author/Book information about you. Update it and keep it updated (such as blog URL changes)
    Goodreads is also where I’ve seen a couple of the authors have forum posts and interactions with their readers.


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